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Treat your face with TLC

Treat your face with TLC

Here’s why it pays to go easy on your skin.

We all know better than to pick at our acne, because it could worsen the inflammation, increase risk of further infection, and result in scarring.

But has anyone ever tried to scare you by telling you that squeezing acne could kill you?

Before you start to panic, let’s unpack what the face triangle of death is all about.

The triangle of death was first discovered in the 1800s, and started to gain prominence in skincare conversations in recent years.

According to medical literature, the blood vessels in this area of the face drain to the back of your head to the base of the brain. Severe skin infections in this area could spread under the skin, seep into the vessels and go directly to the nerve center, which could lead to vision loss, paralysis… even death.

Is my acne going to kill me?

Thankfully, the answer is no. Firstly, the risk of an infection developing to such serious levels is incredibly rare, according to experts. Therefore, the risk of something minor like acne becoming deathly, doesn’t exist.

Of course, that isn’t an excuse to go picking at the next zit that pops up.

Instead of going for the squeeze, make sure you’ve got a good line of defense, starting with a gentle foam cleanser with anti-inflammatory and oil-reducing ingredients, like salicylic acid and Thymo-T, which have been clinically proven to help with acne.

Be gentle with your acne while you’re washing. If you scrub at it too hard, you could inflame it or pop it, leaving an open wound that could scar.

Lightly pat, don’t rub, your face dry with a soft towel, so as not to irritate acne further. Finish off with an acne-fighting moisturizer, with beeswax extract and niacinamide to further soothe the inflammations and strengthen skin.