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Hang on – what do you mean by ‘photo aging’?

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Don’t go to bed without this…

Don’t go to bed without this…

4 ways to wake up with supple skin

Did you know that your skin loses up to 25 percent of its moisture overnight as you sleep? At night, moisture escapes from our pores, and this can be accelerated by the environment — when humidity is low because of the climate or because of the air-conditioner blasting to keep you cool.

This is why moisturizing is an essential part of your skincare regimen, especially at night. Waking up with dry and dull skin isn’t the always-selfie-ready look you deserve.

To combat that, don’t just stop at applying that hydrating moisturizer before bed. Here are four other things you can do to wake up looking ultra-fresh. 

1. Join the masking trend

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If you haven’t already started, get into the habit of masking twice a week. It’s a quick way to boost your existing skincare regimen and strengthen skin. The best kinds of hydrating masks have ingredients like glycerin and rosewater.

It’s important to cleanse your face thoroughly before applying them. This ensures your pores are clear, and helps to encourage maximum absorption. The length of time to keep them on differs based on the mask you’re using, so pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. Moisturize after to seal in those awesome active ingredients.

2. Don’t skimp on rich, hydrating creams

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It’s worth investing in getting a specific moisturizer just for your daily nighttime routine. These rich, hydrating creams aren’t as suitable for use in the morning as they’re usually thicker and stickier in consistency, and lack SPF protection. Instead, they take advantage of the dark by providing active ingredients not found in daytime creams as these ingredients might break down when exposed to sunlight.

Hyaluronic acid is an effective ingredient to help your skin retain moisture while you sleep.

3. Have a humidifier in your room

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We lose moisture faster in dry conditions, like the air-conditioned office and cold winter months, because the low humidity draws moisture from your skin. A humidifier will indirectly help the skin retain that moisture by adding water to the air. Opt for a warm mist over a cool one, as it’s closer to your natural skin temperature. You’ll feel the suppleness of your skin immediately.

4. Drink up!

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It’s important to drink a glass of water before bed. This will help your body stay hydrated, which keeps your body functioning at its best and strengthens skin from the inside.

Add a slice of lemon to it to give your skin-repairing processes a boost — this citrus fruit contains vitamin C, which is an essential skin healing ingredient that helps reduce the signs of aging.