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Get that facelift without going under the knife

Get that facelift without going under the knife

How to massage your way to firmer skin.   

Sagging skin is a problem we all must face eventually, thanks to reduced skin elasticity and strength as we age.

But what if we told you it’s possible to slow down the sag with a few facial massage techniques?

A facial… massage?

Massaging boosts blood circulation in the skin. This ensures skin cells are strengthened and functioning healthily, as they rely on the nutrients and oxygen that blood carries.

Here’s how it’s done

Before starting, ensure your face has been thoroughly cleansed and toned, wash your hands before starting on the following techniques, which can be repeated while you’re applying your serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

Lift your jawline

Using your middle and ring fingers, massage in a repeated upward motion starting from the neck past the jawline and up to your cheekbones. Do this for one minute.

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Smoothen out your forehead

For your forehead, start at your temple and rub in circles towards the center of your forehead, and then back out to your sides. Continue for one minute. 

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Give your eyes a lift

Move on to your eye area. Be careful in this area, which has the thinnest skin on the body, and is prone to sagging earlier. Lightly circles your eyes with your ring fingers, starting at the outer corner of your brow, and moving down in a wide circle around the bottom of your eye area to the nose and back round to the corner of your brow. Repeat a few times.

As a point to note: it’s important to never use rough, downward motions, as this pulls on the skin, which could damage the collagen underneath, weakening skin and worsening any signs of sagging.

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