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Hang on – what do you mean by ‘photo aging’?

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Is the Internet ruining your skin?

Is the Internet ruining your skin?

The daily “evils” of technology you weren’t aware of

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We often hear about the dangers of UV rays, pollution, and a multitude of other environmental factors on our skin. But did you know that your seemingly harmless daily use of technology could be weakening your skin too?

Let’s take a look at how technology may be ruining your skin and what you can do to avoid it and strengthen skin.

Step away from that screen                                   

Did you know that sitting one foot away from a bright LED or LCD screens for four days is equivalent to spending 20 minutes under the scorching midday sun? Our skin gets exposed to harmful light rays whenever we stare at our laptops, tablets, smartphones… you name it. The electromagnetic fields of the high-energy visible (HEV) lights given off by devices alter our skin’s minerals and hinder its natural self-reparative abilities; causing faster ageing skin in those who are constantly glued to their screens.

Saturating your skin with antioxidant ingredients, which can help defend skin and neutralize the ageing effects. These antioxidants like vitamin C and E are easily available in cleansers and moisturizers. But it’s still best to step away from your screen, unplug, and take a digital detox once in a while.

Stop squinting to stay wrinkle-free

Staring at your devices all day can cause your tired eyes to lose focus. You may find yourself unconsciously squinting at your device when watching a movie on your small tablet or typing into your smartphone. Squinting can cause repetitive strain on the skin around your eyes, resulting in what many women dread the most — wrinkles.

But worry not — increasing the font size and adjusting your screen’s brightness levels depending on room lighting can easily help lessen your need to squint.[1]

Your devices and accessories are germ-ridden!

Touching your face after typing on the keyboard or letting your not-so-clean headphones rub against the side of your face transports all the gunk from your gadgets to your face, which could lead to breakouts.

Spare a few minutes to clean your keyboards, headphones, and smartphones regularly —  even daily if necessary, as this simple habit helps to remove up to 98 percent of acne-causing germs from your devices.[2]

But keep in mind that these are only some tips to prevent technology from damaging your skin. You should still maintain a consistent skincare routine with a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer suitable for your skin type, in order to strengthen and maintain skin health.