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Here's what your dermatologist does when she's at home

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Here's what your dermatologist does when she's at home

We ask Dr. Rashmi Shetty about her daily skincare routine so we can pick up tricks from the professional.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty
Dermatologist & Aesthetician 

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Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr. Rashmi Shetty has a few tricks up her sleeve for glowing skin.

What is your morning routine like?

Dr. Rashmi Shetty: The first thing I do is wash my face with a facial wash, because of accumulation of the previous night’s moisturizer, dust from my pillow, and skin secretions through the night. There might even be flakes from the scalp or dandruff.

During humid periods, I don’t always feel like applying moisturizer immediately. Instead, I’ll start the day with a coconut water, vegetable juice or green tea, yoga at home, and breakfast. I like to have a lot of fluid in the mornings, because I don’t always get the chance to drink water throughout the day.

Post breakfast, I shower and post-shower I apply a serum, like vitamin C or anti-aging, followed by moisturizer and then sunscreen. On top of sunscreen, I use very little makeup — blush and eye shadow. 

What about your evening routine?

Dr. Rashmi: The minute I’m home, I put my bag down and wash my face. After freshening up, I will have dinner with my family to catch up on the day. 

As I haven’t been able to drink much throughout the day I will rehydrate again, starting with green tea.

Do you ever cheat with your routines?

Dr. Rashmi: No, I never cheat in washing. I’ve seen my mum being really disciplined about cleansing, which is very important, and that routine has been etched into me and my two sisters.

The one thing I’m not always very good at is drinking water. It is a conscious effort on my part now.

Do you do anything special on the weekends when you have more time?

Dr. Rashmi: Weekends? I don’t really have them. I work even on Saturdays — lecturing or traveling. And I don’t have that much time on Sundays, but I do make time for a body massage, which relaxes me and keeps the body hydrated. I also love going for a deep conditioning hair spa. That’s my free-time pampering.

Many women say they can multi-task, but I feel multi-tasking is overrated. I think it’s okay to do one thing at a time and do it well, make time for yourself and relax.