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Cheat your way to even skin — without foundation

Cheat your way to even skin — without foundation

You don’t need to cake on the makeup for a flawless complexion.

We all have those days when we don’t look our best. Understandably, we turn to makeup to cover up our flaws. Foundation is a quick fix, but also temporary.

The key to good complexion lies in a regular skincare regimen — which, truthfully isn’t an instant remedy. While skincare products aren’t miracle workers, a twice-daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing with the right skin lightening ingredients will improve skin health and build its immunity in the long-term. And we should always seek out long-term results.

But what do you do while you wait for skin to repair itself?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use these tricks to achieve that lit-from-within look.

Start with BB cream

These lightweight creams are formulated to give you enough coverage to give skin the appearance of an even tone. Some also contain SPF, as well as moisturizing and lightening ingredients to help in your quest for an even tone. You need not apply the BB cream all over your face. You may blend it over areas that need to be evened out.

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Touch up with concealer

Concealers are good at hiding dark circles and blemishes, so you can mask that late night you just had. Look for a lightweight one that blends well with the BB cream to achieve that no-makeup makeup look.

Give your face some highlights

A good highlighter should be among your makeup must-haves. When applied at raised points of the face, like just under the eyebrows, the high points of the cheeks and right above the lips at the cupid’s bow, your face will look more luminous.

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Finish off with a hydrating mist

After all is done, spritz on a hydrating mist to set your makeup and give your face a dewy glow. Some mists also come with SPF so you have added protection before you step out.

Don’t give up on your skincare regimen

An excessive use of makeup can contribute to the buildup of dirt in clogged pores and cause further irritation to skin, especially if you don’t have a good cleansing routine.

Keep at your skincare routine, and soon enough you’ll be able to face the world confidently without makeup! 

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