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Radiance is just a few steps away


There are three well-known pillars for achieving healthy skin: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. But what effect do these practices have on the appearance of your skin, and what should a skincare routine for radiant skin look like?

Read on to find out how you can reveal your natural, pinkish-white glow with a simple, three-step skincare routine.

1. Cleanse for a radiant glow

Our first tip for glowing skin will hardly come as a surprise, but the importance of regular cleansing is often underrated. Cleansing should be your first port of call in the search for a solution to any skin-related concerns, including dull tone or darkened skin.

Cleansing helps remove impurities to effectively brighten your complexion.

Cleansing twice a day, in the morning and evening, is key; by removing dirt, dust, excess oil and makeup residue, you allow the skin to perform its natural exfoliating and repair processes overnight, leaving you with smooth, youthful-looking skin. Once your skin is free of impurities and your pores are unblocked, the dullness on the skin’s surface is banished and replaced with a radiant glow.

And if that weren’t enough, cleansing allows your skin to make the most of the other steps in your skincare regime; for example, increased nocturnal blood flow in the face means that, after cleansing, the skin is free to absorb the active ingredients of products you use at night, allowing them to work their magic.

How Pond’s Can Help Cleanse

Enrich your morning and evening skincare routine with a cleanser that provides a deep cleanse while nurturing your skin. Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam (is infused with vitamin B3), a powerful ingredient that nourishes and rejuvenates your skin, helping to combat dark spots (hyperpigmentation), wrinkles and uneven texture. By removing traces of impurities from deep inside your skin, it’s an effective way to make your skin appear brighter and more radiant.

2. Exfoliate for a brighter complexion

If you usually skip this step in your skincare regime, this may explain your skin’s dull tone. Pores can appear larger when filled with dirt and dead skin, but exfoliating makes the pores seem smaller and leads to a smoother, glowing complexion. What’s more, exfoliating lets your skin do what it does best by kick-starting the body’s natural cell renewal process. By increasing blood circulation to the face, exfoliating leaves you with a healthy glow. It’s also an effective skin-whitening solution for those with hyperpigmentation, encouraging darker patches of skin to fade.

Exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells that can cause dullness on the surface of your skin.

How Pond’s Can Help Exfoliate

Pond's Pure White Clay Foam helps achieve bright, radiant skin on two fronts: firstly, it promotes the skin’s natural renewal process, and secondly, it removes dead cells on the surface on the skin. The exfoliator delivers a gentle scrub action, leaving you with visibly clearer and fairer skin.

3. Hydrate for Glowing, Pinkish-white Skin

Drinking water is not enough to keep your skin hydrated. To nourish and hydrate your skin properly, you need a moisturizer that reaches deep to hydrate the cells deep inside, leaving your skin looking supple and feeling fresh on the outside.

Moisturizing your skin boosts the skin’s cell renewal process, leaving skin fresh and supple.

Other benefits of moisturizing include improved skin tone and texture, leaving skin with a radiant glow. A good daily moisturizer will help protect your skin while you’re out and about, while the perfect night moisturizer will provide deep hydration and complement the natural nocturnal repair processes of your skin.

How Pond’s Can Help Moisturize

Formulated with pro-vitamin B3, Pond's Flawless White BB Cream Light is also enriched with SPF 20 to protect your skin from the harmful, aging effects of the sun’s rays. This formula penetrates deep into the skin to brighten millions of dark and damaged cells at the source, brightening dark spots and blemishes by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin.

Applied as part of your skincare routine, these techniques can restore your skin’s natural pinkish-white glow. However, it’s important to note that there are other steps you can take to help achieve radiant, whitened skin. From the sun’s rays to pollution, our modern-day lives create barriers to radiant skin, blocking its natural repair processes and replacing its natural glow with a dull, uneven complexion.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to reverse the harm caused by our hectic lifestyles, so take a look at our five tips for glowing skin to find out more. Or, discover what causes your skin to lose its radiance and read up on natural home remedies that help to brighten dark spots.