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Thank the Beauty Gods for this…

Thank the Beauty Gods for this…

Thank the Beauty Gods for this…

You don’t always need an 11-step regimen to put your game face on.

The trick to radiant skin is to make a habit of a basic cleansing routine — and not to cop out when you’re feeling a little lazy after a long day at school or the office.

Imagine what your pillow is collecting every night if you went to bed without removing everything the world has hurled at your face. And now imagine what’s going back into your face every time you snuggle into that same pillow… Yup, not pleasant. 

Here’s an easy two-step routine that we swear by for clearer skin:

1. Cleanse to remove dirt, dust, oil and makeup

Clogged pores are just the beginning of all things bad for your skin, because: 1) It slows down normal oil production in the glands, the one that thing that makes your skin glow naturally and 2) it’ll start to show in your skin in the form of pimples and blackheads. Stay true to a twice-daily cleanse routine and you’ll have a lot less skin problems to deal with.

2. Hydrate the cells deep inside your skin

While drinking water is necessary to keep skin hydrated, do not skip the moisturizer. Using a lightweight moisturizer with SPF will be great for daytime when you’re out and about. But at night, use a more hydrating cream that’ll work in tandem with the skin’s natural repair process while you sleep.

Think you have this two-step regimen in the bag?

Up your beauty game with another step after cleansing: exfoliating. Regular exfoliation makes skin appear brighter and more luminous as it removes dull, dead skin cells, reveals the next layer of new skin and gives a much-needed boost to the skin’s renewal process.