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Who needs a selfie light when you can glow, girl

Who needs a selfie light when you can glow, girl

Who needs a selfie light when you can glow, girl

Forget slapping on more makeup, a radiant complexion starts with an even skin tone.

There are a ton of makeup products out there that you can use to give yourself that glow, but you don’t need them. To keep your skin looking naturally radiant, follow these four steps:

1. Wear a hat with that sunscreen

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We love the sun, because it’s good for you — but in moderation. Damage from UV rays are the hardest to repair and experts recommend always applying a layer of sunscreen for protection, even on cloudy days. Look out for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, SPF 30 – 50 and PA++. But do you still need a hat? Yes, because physical protection always beats skin care products. 

2. Don’t just cleanse — exfoliate

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Exfoliating is not just important in removing dead skin cells. It also clears your skin of toxins from pollution. With urban pollution on the rise, we are more exposed than ever to irritants like smoke and smog that cause long-lasting damage to our skin, creating dark spots and causing inflammation.

3. Choose brightening skincare

One of the easiest ways to fix an uneven skin tone is to choose brightening skincare. Such products are specially formulated to erase pigmentation like dark spots and balance out an uneven tan. Look out for brightening ingredients, like vitamin B3.

4. Eat wisely

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We all know the drill when it comes eating a balanced meal, but there’s something else we consume that we may not be considering — medication. Some medicine, like anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and laxative drugs, may have adverse side effects on the skin, causing skin darkening and hyperpigmentation. While such pills require a prescription, there are others that you can buy off the counter. Always consult a doctor before starting on new medication.