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Color yourself beautiful — but know when to say no to makeup

7 little habits that are wrecking your skin

Color yourself beautiful — but know when to say no to makeup

Don’t let bad makeup habits damage your complexion.

Makeup is fun to play around with, but could be the cause of your next breakout. Protect your skin with these three tips to keep acne at bay.

1. Give your makeup brushes some TLC

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Washing your makeup brushes can be tedious, especially if you use them every day. But not washing them regularly allows makeup to build up in the bristles, turning them into breeding grounds for bacteria. You don’t need those nasties getting into your pores every time you use those brushes.

Firstly, choose one day in a week to go makeup free so your skin is not covered in pore-clogging layers. Use this day for your weekly brush wash. Rinse just the bristles with water before gently massaging in a brush shampoo. Once done, rinse off the shampoo, and gently squeeze the water out. If the water comes out dirty, repeat till it runs clear. Lay them out flat to air dry completely before storing them.

2. Keep track of when your colors are about to expire

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You probably don’t want to hear this, but you can’t keep using your makeup forever. Makeup can expire.

But expiry dates don’t really give you a clear indication of when to ditch your products. Why? Because the minute you open your makeup, you’re exposing them to oxidation and bacteria.

Powders, like compact foundation, eyeshadow and blush, will start to change color and texture after 12 months. Concealer, liquid foundation and lipstick will start to dry up, and the oil and coloring components will separate after six months. Mascara gives off a strange, chemical smell when it goes bad.

But why wait till everything smells or looks funky? As a rule, change your powders, liquids and lipsticks every six months. And anything that goes near your eyes should be replaced every three months. The last thing you want is an eye infection like conjunctivitis.

3. Go easy on the layering

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We understand stepping out with angry red pimples can be a confidence killer. But laying the makeup on thick shouldn’t be the answer to hiding your acne. In fact, it could make your acne worse. Besides clogging your pores, the creamy types of makeup that give you high coverage contain ingredients that could irritate your skin further.

Before applying any makeup, wash your face with a cleanser that includes soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients, like thymol and tea tree extract. Swap your foundation for a lighter BB cream, add a dab of concealer to neutralize the redness, and you’re ready to go!