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Once you go blackheads, you can go back

Once you go blackheads, you can go back

Once you go blackheads, you can go back

Watch out for these guys — you can nip blackheads in the bud.

We’ve all had a brush with blackheads at some point. They’re caused by excess sebum clogging your pores and mixing with dirt and dust. This creates a ‘plug’ in your pores. Besides looking unsightly, they could lead to more serious ailments like acne and inflammation. So how do we prevent them? By following these three simple steps:

1. Keep things hands-free

Salicylic acid


The easiest rule to follow: stop touching your face. We do this subconsciously — scratching our chins, rubbing our eyes. But think about where you’ve been all day and what your hands have been touching — the escalator at the mall, the table at the office or school canteen, public toilets… and now think about all the germs and dirt your hands and fingernails are collecting. 

2. Keep those pores clear

Herbal clay


Our urban environments are unfortunately filled with smog and smoke in the air, carrying tiny particles that can enter and clog our pores. The accumulation of pollutants in our pores will eventually lead to blackheads and even acne. Our recommendation: wash with a light facial cleanser in the morning and a deep-cleansing one at night. Switching up the cleanser for the night is important, because you’ll need to clear more toxicity at the end of the day.

3. Salicylic acid is #bae3. Gentle scrub beads

Gentle scrub beads


You’ll find this ingredient popping up very often. And that’s because salicylic acid should be your BFF in the fight against blackheads and other more severe variations of acne. Not only does it exfoliate the skin and protect it from 99 percent of the germs that can lead to acne, it also balances the level of sebum on the surface of your skin. Salicylic acid also reduces inflammation and redness.