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Out, damn’d spot

Out, damn’d spot!

Out, damn’d spot!

We can’t turn back time but we can always delay aging just a bit.

out damn spot


Age spots — even the name sounds bad. These spots can start appearing when you hit your 30s. But there are ways to keep them at bay for a little longer, especially if you understand what causes them.

What exactly are age spots?

The problem starts with dark spots caused by the sun’s UV rays. These turn into age spots as you grow older. Age spots are typically brown or yellow, and can measure 0.2-1 cm across. They often accumulate, covering larger areas. You’ll usually find them on your face and arms. In some cases, they even appear prematurely, showing up on sun-damaged skin well before wrinkles and lines.

So, just stay out of the sun and I’ll be fine, right?

Other factors also come into play. Acne can also cause dark spots as it makes your skin over-produce pigment. The same is true if you have an imbalance of hormones. But it’s true that the biggest factors are a combination of sun damage and the aging process.

How do I deal with them?

You know the drill — as with everything skin care-related, prevention is the best cure. Always, always, always (did I mention always?) use protection against the sun when you’re outside. A lot of skin products also have UV-ray blocking properties, so be sure to stock up on those — they’ll help combat dark spots. And they’ll stop their unwelcome cousins, age spots, from paying you unwanted visits.