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Hang on – what do you mean by ‘photo aging’?

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Is “delayed sun damage” really a thing?

Is “delayed sun damage” really a thing?

Getting out of the sun stops sun damage, right? Maybe not.

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You know that sun damage occurs when ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun penetrate the skin. What you may not know is what continues to happen under your skin long after you’ve escaped from the sun.

What do you mean stuff happens after leaving the sun?

We used to believe that the effects of the sun stop as soon as you take cover. But studies show that processes continue in the deepest layers of our skin, up to 12 hours after you’ve stepped indoors. And this occurs even after a 10-minute walk to your car. This phenomenon is called delayed sun damage.

What sort of damage are we looking at?

Well, you obviously know that the sun gives you a tan. This occurs because of melanin production, which is triggered when UV rays hit the skin. Melanin, our skin pigment, protects our skin by absorbing the UV rays to prevent it from penetrating deeper into the skin. This results in everything from a suntan to those pesky dark spots that rob you of a flawless complexion.

Is there anything I can do to protect myself?

Of course! The only way out starts from the inside. A regular skincare regimen with hydrating and brightening ingredients will help to maintain skin strength. Include skin repairing ingredients like niacinimide or Vitamin B3, as well as antioxidant ingredients like glutathione to fight back against UV’s effects.