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Spotted: your hair removal cream could be the culprit

Hang on – what do you mean by ‘photo aging’?

Spotted: Your hair removal cream could be the culprit

5 lesser-known causes of dark spots you need to know about.

Everyone knows UV-ray damage from the sun gives you dark spots. But did you know that there are other causes of dark spots to look out for?

Learn more about the kind of food, medicine and environmental factors that could weaken skin so you can give dark spots the boot!

Your computer

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UV radiation comes from all sorts of sources nowadays. Although your PC, smartphone and TV probably only emit tiny quantities of harmful rays which kill collagen and elastin resulting in weakened skin, people who spend long periods of time in front of electronic screens should beware. Monitors also attract dust and other harmful stuff that can get on your skin and cause yet more problems.

Hair-removal cream

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The lotions and potions you use to remove facial hair can contain some pretty strong chemicals that are great at getting rid of unwanted hair. The problem is these chemicals are so potent, they can seriously aggravate matters if you’re prone to dark spot issues. Use in moderation — or not at all.

Lemon juice

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Many people use this ingredient to brighten their complexion, but some skincare experts say you should give it a miss. Why? Overuse of lemon juice can dry your skin out, and because it’s so acidic, it can break down your skin’s natural resistance to dark spots. Lemon? Save it for your salad dressing.

Red meat

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In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with red meat every now and then. But because it’s so high in iron, eating too much of the stuff can affect liver function, which can increase your chances of developing dark spots, also called liver spots.

Acne medication

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The kind of harsh steroids that your doctor will recommend for serious acne breakouts can make your skin more sensitive than usual. Using such medications has been proven to actively promote the appearance of dark spots on your skin. Instead of opting for a long course of acne steroids, there are many new acne-busting ingredients worth checking out. One is thyme essence, seen on ingredients list as Thymol-T essence, which doesn’t just clear pores but targets acne-causing bacteria to fight acne at the roots. Always be on the lookout new skincare innovations, rather than resorting to steroids.