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What’s the fuss about VB3+?

Why this ingredient’s your secret weapon in the war against dark spots

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Boosting Skin Health

Everyone knows how important it is to get plenty of vitamins in your diet. And if you’ve been listening to your dermatologist, you’ll know it’s just as important to make sure you nourish your skin with lots of vitamins, too.

Vitamin B3 is found in a lot of food, including green vegetables, and fights all sorts of illnesses. But as a skincare ingredient, what we have now is vitamin B3+, or VB3+, which does a whole range of good stuff — like stimulating the production of the enzymes your skin uses to fight dark spots.

What can it do for me?

You’d be better off asking what this powerful vitamin can’t do.

The key point is that VB3+ skincare products go deep and brighten up your cells. They fade spots, brighten skin and boost the skin’s natural brightening ability. Wait, we can naturally brighten our skin ouselves? Yup — a sun tan subsides over time because our skin can pass out residual melanin.

It also rejuvenates and strengthens skin. And because it’s heat- and light-resistant, it’s suitable for use in a whole range of skincare products. That’s good news for you, and very bad news for your dark spots.

And there’s more…

As well as reducing dark spots and various darkening problems, scientists have found that cells treated with VB3+ experience less oxidative damage.

That means it protects your skin from deep within, against environmental nasties that can age and discolor your skin, leaving dark spots.

Clinical studies have also shown that VB3+ could even help increase skin elasticity and treat wrinkles, strengthening skin on the inside to achieve a soft, clear complexion.

What’s the bottom line?

The skincare jury’s verdict is unanimous on this one — if you want to beat dark spots, make sure your skincare products contain plenty of VB3+. If you’re prone to dark spots, your skin will thank you for it.