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Lifestyle Tips for Acne Removal


Fighting acne can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. Fortunately, there are a few lifestyle changes that can help you reduce it. One of the best tips for acne removal is managing your stress levels. Stress causes a hormone imbalance that can result in more acne, probably making you even more stressed.

Clean skin is also key. A gentle face cleanser that contains salicylic acid will fight acne and leave you feeling fresh-faced.

Lifestyle habits can help promote healthy skin and reduce acne

How to fight acne with a lifestyle change

Pimple Tips: What Acne Are You Dealing With?

No matter what type of acne we get, it always has a knack for appearing at the most inconvenient times. Knowing what type of acne you’re dealing with can help you find the proper treatment.

Non-inflammatory Acne

Whiteheads are plugs that form on the outside of our skin when hair follicles become clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells from the inside. When these plugs are exposed to air, they oxidize and turn blackish-brown to form blackheads on your skin’s surface.

Inflammatory Acne

Pimples look like raised bumps on your face with pus at the tips. The red, painful bumps that bloom on your skin is a result of inflammation from deep within. This happens when acne-producing bacteria enter your sebaceous glands to feed on the excess oil and dead skin cells. This type of inflamed acne may require dermatological treatment.

Acne Removal Tips

One of the most effective home remedies for acne is simply making small lifestyle changes. The Pond’s Institute discovered that while acne can be attributed to genes and hormone changes, some lifestyle habits can help improve the health of your skin, and reduce the appearance of acne.

1. Manage your stress

Managing stress can help manage the hormone imbalance that causes acne.

Stress can cause hormonal imbalance. Yes, even for men. Hormonal imbalances affect your skin and the production of natural oils. And this can lead to acne.

When times are hard, it can seem like managing your stress levels is impossible. But there are small changes you can make that’ll make your stress much easier to handle. Get enough sleep, limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol you drink and take time out for yourself. This may help you manage your stress and improve your skin.

2. Keep your hands off your face

Dirt and bacteria from your hands can transfer to your face, clog pores and cause acne. So wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

Bacteria from your hands can cause acne.

If you notice you touch your face more when you’re bored or stressed, give your hands something to do in those times. When you’re sleeping at night, try wearing cotton gloves to keep the bacteria and dirt away – as an added bonus, they’ll also keep your hands soft!

3. Cleanse

One of the most obvious, but best acne removal tips. Cleansing enhances the natural processes of your skin. Washing your face with a cleanser every morning and night removes impurities and excess oil that accumulate deep inside your pores throughout the day.

If you use a washcloth to wash your face, be sure to scrub lightly, and only use it a couple of times a week. A washcloth can irritate your skin, so be gentle. Remember to wash your washcloth regularly – there’s no point in washing your face with something dirty.

4. Don’t over cleanse

While cleansing is beneficial to your skin’s health, over-cleansing can damage your skin. This is because over-cleansing can damage your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of your skin), causing a water-oil imbalance and leading to irritation. You should only wash your face twice a day, and after excessive sweating during exercise.

5. Pick the right cleanser

Use cleansers that contain the acne-fighting ingredient, salicylic acid, like Pond’s Acno Clear Oil Control Face Wash. This cleanser combines salicylic acid with mineral clay to boost natural skin processes. It eliminates impurities and excess oil from deep inside. The added witch hazel in the formula helps to tighten pores to give you visibly clear, energized skin in no time.

Wash your face with cleansers that contain salicylic acid, an acne-fighting ingredient.

Adopting these lifestyle changes can make a difference on the health of your skin and the severity of the acne that appears on it. Learn how lifestyle changes can give you brighter, more energized skin, or read more about how pollution affects your skin.