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Moisturizing Cold Cream


Cold Cream

Combat dry skin with the help of Ponds Moisturizing Cold Dry Skin Cream. This rich cream soothes dry skin, designed to absorb quickly, leaving skin soft.

How it Works

Our formula is rich, creamy, and easily absorbed by the skin to hydrrate deeply whhile significantly reducting dryness. For smooth, soft, radiant skin.

Special Ingredient

Occlusives - Help to prevent moisture from leaving the skin

Humectants - Deeply hydrates to keep moisture within the skin

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  1. Gently massage pearl sized amount over skin twice a day.

I love this product. It is a moisturising cleanser and a makeup remover. If you have dry and dull skin, I would definitely recommend you to use this. Read more

Cold Cream

Jyoti Singh


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