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Five things you should know about the effects of air pollution


We’ve always made it a point to take care of our faces. If our skin feels oily, we wash with water and pat dry. When our faces grow prickly, it’s time to shave. That’s all we need to know… right?

As it turns out, our skin needs a little more care than that. Living in an urban environment exposes our skin to pollutants that clog our pores, causing greasiness and even acne breakouts. They penetrate deep within our skin, making it look dull and tired on the outside. When taking care of skin, here are 4 things to remember:

1. The skin renews itself

Your skin undergoes a renewal process every few weeks where the dead skin cells on your face are replenished with newer cells. This process slows down with age, but it is what keeps your skin looking vibrant and energized.

Your skin’s natural cell renewal process keeps it looking vibrant and energized.

2. The environment impacts your skin

External factors from the environment— like an urban lifestyle that exposes you to dust, pollution and UV rays— can impact your skin’s natural renewal process.

Your skin faces 7 billion pollution particles from the urban environment every day. These pollution particles can clog pores and cause damage within the cells. They accumulate inside and cause dark spots, excess oil, acne breakouts and premature signs of aging on the outside.

Pollution can cause dark spots, greasiness and even inhibit the skin renewal process.

3. Cleansing optimizes the skin renewal process

Cleansing can help optimize the skin renewal process from within. Healthy skin is a mark of strength within the skin’s internal support structure— which is why using the right cleanser is important. Cleansers keep skin healthy by revitalizing it, and protecting your skin cells from damage brought about by dirt and pollution particles.

4. Cleansing removes what doesn’t belong

Cleansers also remove what doesn’t belong in your skin, like dead skin cells, excess oil, especially pollution particles. Pond’s Men Pollution Out cleanser is specially designed to remove all traces of pollution effectively. Its Coffee Bean Scrub formula exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother, and energized skin. The Activated Carbon works like a natural magnet that absorbs and lifts away even the toughest pollution particles from our skin’s deepest layers. Together, these ingredients remove impurities and pollution from deep within, to reveal visibly clearer, brighter and more energized skin. With every wash, skin becomes stronger from the inside, and more equipped to deal with pollution outside.

Cleansing removes what doesn’t belong inside, for clear, energized skin outside.

Since exposure to pollution is inevitable due to the urban environment we live in, keeping these 4 things in mind can help us better equip our skin, and protect it from damage. Learn more about how lifestyle habits can affect the acne on your face.