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Pond's whitening solutions are customized specifically to suit your skin. Pond's White Beauty has Vitamin B3+ that works deep inside your skin, to fade dark marks 3x faster. Get a rosy white glow with a long lasting powder finish.

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  • toner

    Pore Conditioning Toner

    Pond’s White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner cares for pores to give you radiantly fair skin that is smooth and refined up close. It is has Vitamin B3 known to lighten skin from within for radiantly fair skin, Pore Tightening Essence that conditions pores for smooth, refined skin and Sunscreen for UV Protection.
  • pinkish-white-lotion

    Pinkish White Lotion

    Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Lotion contains Vitamin B3 that works deep within your skin to whiten from within, for a Rosy White Glow.
  • pearl-cream

    Pearl Cream

    Pond's White Beauty Pearl Cream with Vitamins C & E that work deep inside your skin, to help nourish skin and prevent skin darkening for an even skin tone with a rosy white glow
  • pearl-cleansing-gel

    Pearl Cleansing Gel

    Pond's White BeautyPearl Cleansing Gel is the 1st gel cleanser with whitening essence with Oxy-gel formula goes deep to cleanse away impurities, while keeping refreshing moisture inside uncovering fair and glowing skin.
  • facial-wash

    Facial Wash

    Pond's White Beauty Facial Foam Wash cleanses deeply to reduce dullness while boosting the radiance of your skin with Pro-Vitamin B3, a powerful skin lightening solution, that complements natural cellular processes. Reveal the fairness within by washing away the buildup of dead skin cells to uncover fair and glowing skin with Pond’s facial foam cleanser.
  • detox-lotion

    Detox Lotion

    Fade stubborn pimple marks and prevent future breakouts with Pond's White Beauty Detox Lotion - for a spot-less, Rosy White Glow.
  • detox-day-cream-for-oily-skin

    Detox Day Cream For Oily Skin

    Finally, a new solution to dark pimple marks! The new Pond's White Beauty Detox Cream for Oily Skin has Vitamin B3+ that fades dark pimple marks 3x faster. Get a rosy white glow, and a powder finish that you can instantly feel.
  • day-cream-spf-15

    Day Cream SPF15

    New Pond’s White Beauty Detox Cream with SPF15 has Vitamin B3+ that combines the power of Vitamin B3 with 12HSA, for the most whitening solution ever from Pond’s White Beauty. It’s a cream that goes deep inside your skin, to whiten from within; and SPF15 that protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, for a rosy white glow outside!