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Give your eyes some TLC to prevent those age lines

One of the first signs of aging happens around the eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they’re also the first parts of your face to show signs of aging. Why? The skin around the eyes is nine times thinner than the rest of your body, and so lines and wrinkles form more easily in this delicate area.

Delay these age lines as much as possible with these tips:

1. Use an eye cream

use an eye cream

We often treat our skin to a richer, hydrating night cream before going to sleep. But an eye cream is specially formulated to moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes, stimulate cell regeneration and plump up the skin’s support structure. Take care when applying products around the eyes. Instead of using the tips of fingers, use only the tips of your fourth fingers, the weakest of them all, to apply the cream.

2. Drink to reduce water retention

drink to reduce water retention

One of the biggest culprits of water retention is not drinking enough water. Seems odd, we know, but the body stores water when it is dehydrated to prevent further dehydration, resulting in the puffy appearance of the face and eyes. Staying hydrated tells the body that supply is aplenty and it does not need to store excess water in the body. Start drinking up and you’ll notice the difference quite quickly.

3. Get to bed — early

proper sleep

Tired skin looks dull and you also develop dark circles around the eyes. Sleep is the most underrated beauty trick. When we sleep, the body undergoes regeneration: this is when collagen production and skin repair processes take place. The optimum time for skin regeneration is between 11pm to 3am. So cut back on those late nights and say goodbye to those panda eyes.