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Update Your Regimen To Get Your Best Skin Ever


Recurring skin problems call for a change in your routine.

You’ve probably settled into the groove of your skincare regimen. In fact, reaching for the different products for your face doesn’t require thinking anymore, it’s basically muscle memory at work! But how come what used to be so good for your skin doesn’t seem to do the job anymore? How come skin problems seem to be recurring, and frequently at that? Here are the things that may be causing them:


Maybe your stress level has reached an all-time high or grabbing a muffin for your morning commute has now become a habit. Maybe you’ve yet to realize it, but these changes may be the culprit for your breakouts. Whatever change it is, you can always choose to work around them. In this case, the best solution would be to supplement your regimen with a pimple-fighting product such as Pond’s Acne Clear leave-on gel. After washing up and swiping toner over your face, simply apply the gel and let its Active Thymo-T Essence eliminate acne at the root. The product also prevents those pesky pimples from coming back.


As a busy career woman who’s about to enter another chapter in life, you will need a new arsenal of products that suits your skincare needs. Switch up your BB Cream to Pond’s Age Miracle BB+ cream. Its Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex stimulates collagen production while preventing dryness, thus giving your skin up to three times more renewal power, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrong products

It’s also possible that you’ve been using the wrong products all along! If it’s dull skin that you’ve been having trouble with, solve this particular problem with Pond’s White Beauty Facial Foam and Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream. Cleanse deeply with the facial wash and boost your skin’s radiance with its advanced Vitamin B3, known to lighten the skin. The day cream, on the other hand, also whitens from within for that rosy white glow you’ve always wanted while fighting 10 of the toughest skin problems!