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Give Gifts Like a True Beauty Aficionado


Awesome gift ideas for the beautiful people in your life.

This Christmas season, make sure to give the important people in your life what they deserve the most: The gift of beauty, both inside and out, whether it’s by your thoughtfulness or the actual gifts you give.


The thought of venturing into a new hobby is pretty terrifying, especially when you think of the possibility of failing. What most people don’t know is that having a go at something new is just a matter of perspective—one can either look at it as a chance to fail possibility to fail or as a learning experience—an opportunity for growth, or an opportunity to extend one’s personal boundaries.

Office BFF

If you know the amount of stress your office bestie is going through, you can either treat her out to lunch or somewhere fancy, get her something that you know will truly make her happy, or give her a care package with an assortment of good skincare products, like the Pond’s White Beauty gift set. Women of today face 10 of the toughest skin problems, and with this gift set, you can help her achieve a rosy white glow in one go.

Best friend

Beauty gifts are always a welcome present to anyone, so give your best friend a personalized beauty box filled with items you think she’ll be happy to have—a new lipstick shade, fragrance, highlighter, an eye shadow palette. Throw in a dependable skincare line—the Pond’s Flawless White gift set has products for her to achieve that flawless aura in time for the holidays.


Your younger sister probably has something different on her wish list, so give her what she wants, but don’t let it stop you from giving her what she needs. The products belonging to the Pond’s Acne Clear line are welcome additions to her skincare routine, for her to have great-looking, smooth skin despite being exposed to dust, dirt, and grime, among others.


This time of the year is quite a busy one for everyone especially when it comes to thinking and buying presents for the people they love. Make that at the end of the day, you get to reward yourself even if it’s just with the little things, like drinking a good glass of wine, taking a relaxing bath, eating a filling meal, or pampering yourself with only the best beauty products your body and face deserves. Better yet, get your own Pond’s holiday gift set and look holiday-ready in all the gatherings you’d attend to this month!

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