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Travel the World, Discover Your Beauty


Be a globetrotter and meet your most gorgeous self.

Experiencing all the world has to offer has an amazing way of picking up anyone’s mood—whether it’s through a quick road trip to the beach, or a six-month sabbatical on the other side of the globe. Seeing different places, encountering different cultures, and changing your environment can help put our daily travails into perspective, and give an absolutely empowering sense of self.

There’s no better catalyst to finding what’s beautiful about you than seeing the inimitable beauty through travel. And while roaming the globe can spark our inner glow, subjecting ourselves to different environments, climates, and weather can give our skin a big blow. Fortunately, there are ways to keep that travel glow going by introducing self-care and self-nurture into your travel beauty routine.

  1. Keep things clean. Moving through constantly changing climates can be tough on skin. Don’t let acne and pimple problems get in the way of your travel plans. Look fresh while traveling with a trusty cleanser. Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam cleanses your face, eliminates acne at the root, and helps prevent pesky pimples from forming. Thanks to its Active Thymo-T Essence formulation, you can trust this product to address your fight 99.9% of pimple-causing bacteria in just three days. Couple that with Pond’s Acne Clear Leave-On Gel and zits will be the least of your worries as you discover new places and experiences.
  2. Pack light. Breeze through airport security and lines with a minimal number of products in your bag. An all-in-one product like Pond’s Perfect Care Cold Cream offers deep cleansing and moisturizing. In just one go, you’re sure you’re stripped of makeup and well moisturized whether you’re on a plane or on your hotel bed.
  3. Soak up the sun safely. Outdoor explorations, nature walks and roaming the city streets in broad daylight are all part and parcel of travel. Tick things off your itinerary without sacrificing your skin by slathering on the SPF. Get the moisturization and coverage of a cream and the protection of sunscreen through Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream with SPF 30 & PA++, which gives you the benefits of both makeup and skincare!