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pond's sal chat

How POND’S used conversational marketing to increase conversion rate by 5x 

POND’S successfully increased conversion rate by 5x with an AI-driven beauty bot named Skin Advisor Live (SAL).

SAL, available on messaging apps LINE and Facebook Messenger, speaks like a millennial influencer on the platforms they are found. Her responses are snappy, peppered with emojis and colourful, quirky illustrations of skincare tips.


Chatbots have come a long way from the monotonous chunks of texts commonly associated with them, and herein lies the key to conversational marketing. Users actually want to engage with them.


The results of SAL’S pilot rollout in Argentina was impressive.


Engagement rate increased by nine-fold when compared to engagement rate on Users spent over 2.5 minutes engaging with the chatbot - no mean feat in this age of short attention spans - more than double the time spent on

The most astounding results came in the form of product consideration and conversion rate. Product consideration improved by a whopping 14x and conversion rate increased by 5x. Further, an unprecedented 5.5% of users clicked on ‘Buy Now’, compared to average Ulta banner of less than 1%.

All of this clearly demonstrates the power of one to one, conversational marketing. 

SAL is also available on Indonesia via messaging app LINE, and Columbia, UAE and South Africa via Facebook Messenger.