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ponds uses technology for skincare

POND’S uses technology to make skincare accessible for everyone

Pond’s debuts cutting-edge AI skin diagnostic tool on FB Messenger

This skin diagnostic tool unlike any other: it chats with you on messaging apps Facebook Messenger and LINE, uses advanced AI-technology to analyse your skin in less than a minute using a selfie - all the while sending you emojis.


Aptly named Skin Advisor Live, or SAL for short, it is the brainchild of skincare brand POND’S, who set out building this chatbot with the aim of making beauty and skincare information more accessible to people all over the world.


"POND'S has always been known for providing consumers with expert skincare and democratizing beauty,” says Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President, POND’S, Unilever. “We recognise how confusing and overwhelming it can be for anyone to pick the right skincare products when there are so many choices.


“ We want to use technology to solve this problem, by helping consumers gain a deeper understanding of their skin type and matching them with the most effective products. With SAL, people all over the world can build and optimise their skincare regime – via key social media platforms. As long as you are on FB Messenger or LINE, you will have access to this science-based, data-led skin diagnostic tool."


The chatbot uses Google's highly superior neuro-linguistic programming and a patented AI technology by BrighTex BioPhotonics’s to offer consumers advanced skin diagnoses. It boosts a higher consistency match rate compared to dermatologists. Put together with the instant social messaging apps, this powerful tool provides people all over the world easy access to sophisticated skincare technology.


SAL is available via two social messaging apps across the world. Currently, it is live in Indonesia (via LINE), and South Africa, UAE, Argentina and Columbia (via Facebook Messenger), with plans to roll out to more markets.