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skin analysis in a minute

Skin analysis in a minute

Short on time? Pond’s SAL give you a personalised skin report in a minute

Article focuses on how fast and easy it is to have your skin analysed get a report sent to you that you can refer back to.

They say procrastination is the thief of time. To us, procrastination is the thief of beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.


Have you ever thought to yourself that your skin is looking a little lacklustre and you simply need to change up your skincare regime or make an appointment with a dermatologist… only to procrastinate and forget?


Now, what if you can get your skin professionally analysed in less than a minute, even from the comfort of your own bed?


Skin Advisor Live, or SAL, is a skin diagnostic chatbot hosted on Facebook Messenger/LINE that does just that. SAL is the brainchild of trusted skincare brand POND’S, who has set out to ease a problem countless women all over the world face: we are too busy with life to focus on our skin.


As such, SAL is specially built to assess your skin in a super fast and fuss-free manner. Forget five-page questionnaire and putting your face awkwardly inside a machine to get your skin checked. You just need to snap a simple selfie (if you’re anything like us, you probably already have a bunch of them stored on your phone!) and share it with the chatbot.


It takes less than a minute for your skin to be diagnosed and voila, results are ready! You can also get the results emailed to you in case you would like to refer back later in the day or to chart your skin health over time.


SAL also offers product recommendations and puts together a customised skincare regime for you based on your lifestyle, skin health and concerns. That means you can also save time trying to navigate the jungle of skincare products out there, which means more time for Netflix, snoozing or just hanging out with your loved ones. Yay!


Try out SAL on FB/LINE here. (insert link)