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Stumped by skincare products at the store? POND’S here to help

Stumped by skincare products at the store?

POND’S here to help

Ever found yourself standing in the drugstore skincare aisle for ages feeling completely lost and then walking out empty handed? We’ve been there. Too often we look at our skin and notice it’s of a little TLC (tender loving care), but have no idea what exactly it needs.

The massive amount of skincare and beauty products available on the market now actually makes it harder for us to find something suitable - simply because we are overwhelmed by choice. We’ve definitely found ourselves looking for a facial wash and walking out with an armload of products that end up languishing on our bathroom sink.


Enter the aptly named Skin Advisor Live, or SAL for short, a fun and intuitive chatbot by skincare brand POND’S. Remember your mother’s cold cream? Yes, the brand behind that must-have, super trusted product has launched a super user-friendly skin diagnostic chatbot that’s available on Facebook Messenger/LINE.


Forget having to wait weeks for an appointment with a dermatologist when all you need a quick assessment of your skin. SAL can diagnose your skin with just a simple selfie captured on your mobile and will churn out your skin diagnosis results in under a minute. Talk about efficient!


SAL then recommends products based on your skin health and data from years of clinical trials and product efficacy reviews. When you use a skincare product recommended by SAL, you know it is specifically chosen for you to improve your skin health.


This way, you can step into the store armed with knowledge of what will work best for your skin. You can even simply purchase the items online. Taking the guesswork out of skincare just means you can focus on taking care of your skin concerns.


The next time you’re feeling stumped at the skincare aisle, remember SAL. This little dermatologist in your pocket can assess your skin anytime, anywhere and recommend the best products and skincare regime. And on our collective quest for perfect skin, who doesn’t want that?


Try out SAL on FB/LINE here. (insert link)