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On-The-Go Beauty for the Career Woman


Quick and easy tricks perfect for your hectic schedule.

How can you still manage to get those cheekbones popping when contouring has no place in rushing between meetings? How to get that perfect pout when you’re busy juggling presentations? There are tricks to looking and feeling your best in no time—you’ll be surprised at how simple they are!

Organize your beauty kit

Why is it that just when you’re in a hurry, your favorite beauty tool chooses this crucial time to go missing? We’re sure that you just misplaced it, and the solution for this is to provide a container for all your daily beauty essentials. Now there will be no more scrambling about for your brow gel since you know exactly where it is!

Get multi-purpose products

Items that have multiple uses can save you a huge amount of time and effort. Take for instance Pond’s Flawless White BB+ cream, a product that’s makeup and skincare in one. It doesn’t just serve as a foundation, it also moisturizes your skin, lightens dark spots, and gives you UVA and UVB protection at the same time. It sure beats layering on product after product just to get clear, fair, and flawless skin!

Pick an easy-to-manage hairstyle

A low-maintenance ‘do works best for ladies on the go. Layered and one-length cuts are classics that you can wear for a long time. Experts don’t consider bangs wash-and-wear, so unless you’re willing to spare a few minutes on your fringe, it’s better to pick another option that would best frame your face.

Choose long-lasting makeup

All it may take is a few seconds to swipe on a fresh layer of lipstick, but really, who has the time? Makeup that lasts the whole day would make a good investment if you’re too busy to retouch.

Squeeze in a facial exercise

Make those cheekbones pop by extending your puckers and forming them into a round shape. With your lips still stretching outward in an “o,” now slide the corners of your mouth sideways into a wide smile. Freeze for a second, then go back to “o.” Do this ten times for toned cheeks and see the effects!

Carry quick fixes

Greasy T-zone? Blot it with oil sheets. Messy hair? Fix it with some serum. Smudged lipstick? Wipe it off with tissue. These handy tools should be in every busy girl’s purse.

Pond’s Flawless White BB+ cream is available in any Watsons branch near you.