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Cleansing solutions for every skin concern

Cleansing Solutions For Every Skin Concern

  • Be it acne, uneven tone, dark spots or more—you need to know your skin’s concerns to care for it.
  • The next step is to use cleansers formulated for your specific skin concern.
  • Cleansers help remove aggressors stuck in skin and promote healthy cell renewal.
  • POND’S cleansers can keep skin cells hydrated and prevent damage.
  • POND’S cleansers work deep inside the skin to restore spot-less skin on the outside.


Cleansing is the first step to caring for your skin. It removes aggressors from the pores and helps restore the natural processes and balance of the skin, priming it for treatment.

Aggressors stuck deep inside the skin — like bacteria, excess oil, dead skin cell, pollution particles and makeup residue— make it harder for our skin to renew itself and restore its natural balance. This happens deep inside the layers of our skin but it becomes all the more apparent on the outside, in the clarity and tone of our complexions. This is why it is important to wash our face with the right cleanser.

Cleansers promote healthy cell renewal

Special designed cleansers can help maintain moisture levels, and promote a healthy cell renewal process. Each POND’S cleanser is formulated to work for a specific skin concern and type.

POND’S cleansers can prevent damage

The harsh formula of ordinary cleansers can strip away moisture that holds the skin cells together, and could eventually lead to premature aging.

POND’S cleansers work on the inside to repair skin on the outside

Pond’s cleansers also target your skin concerns from deep inside. This results in the restoration of brightness and clarity on the outside of your skin.

Some ranges of POND’S cleansers include:

Pimple Clear

Washes away the impurities, extra sebum and bacteria. Removes 99% acne bacteria and balances oil production.

White Beauty

Washes away dead skin cells. Controls oil, balances the skin and evens out the skin tone to make it look bright.

Pure White

Washes away urban aggressors in the form of pollution. Reduces daily tanned cells and eliminates the daily effects of pollution on skin as a result of living in urban environments. It restores balance to the skin and leaves it looking radiant and bright.

Each cleanser is designed for a particular skin type and concern, so it’s important to know what your skin type is and the concerns specific to your skin. You can find out what type of skin you have, here.