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Pollutants sink deep into skin and can cause acne, dark spots, damage and dullness

How to prevent pollutants andimpurities from damaging your skin? The first step is to identify your skin type.


A new skin enemy – Pollution and how it affects your skin

A new skin enemy

Dark spots? The sun is not the only cause

Dark spots

How pollution affects your skin?

Our skin faces billions of pollution particles daily because of the harmful atmosphere we are exposed to in the city. But just how bad is that for our skin? According to research conducted by the skin experts at The Pond’s Institute, we underestimate the impact of pollution on skin.

To know about pollution and its detrimental effects on our skin, please go through below content:


5 daily habits for fairer skin

Daily habits for fairer skin

How does POND'S Pure White help avoid skin issues in Pollution?

Cleansing properly with Pond’s Pure White Face Wash can help to remove pollutants and help uncover the skin’s natural glow.