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3 Myths About Latina Skin You Need To Stop Believing

3 Myths about Latina skin you need to stop believing

Discover the truth about eating chocolate, using sunscreen, getting wrinkles and more

Over the years, our moms and abuelas have shared some great beauty secrets that we just can’t live without. And while some have stood the test of time, others leave us questioning. Have they said things like, girls with dark skin don’t need sunscreen? Or that Latina skin isn’t prone to wrinkling? If so, we have news for you…although commonly told, those tips are false. Discover the truth about these and other myths and start giving your skin the best care today.

MYTH #1:

Chocolate causes acne

Fact: Thankfully, this one’s not true. As of now, there’s no evidence to support a direct connection between eating chocolate and breakouts, unless you have an allergy. Acne is a result of your skin’s sebaceous glands producing too much oil. This oil gets trapped in your pores and if they become infected, your skin gets irritated and breaks out. So, go ahead and eat that chocolate - in moderation - and be sure to keep your skin clean and hydrated daily.


MYTH #2:

If your complexion is dark or olive-toned, you don’t need to use sunscreen

Fact: We Latinas come in all different shades, but no matter our skin tone, the rule is the same for all of us: use sunscreen. Having a lot of melanin in your skin doesn’t make it immune to UV rays, so protect it. It’s recommended to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50, even if your skin is dark. Start by applying a moisturizer like POND’S®Crema S, followed by some sunscreen. Also, if you spend all day out in the sun, reapply the sunscreen every two hours.


MYTH #3:

Latina skin doesn’t get wrinkles

Fact: If only that were true! The way our skin ages is due to various factors, none of which are directly tied to being Latina. So the best way to take care of your skin is to keep it hydrated with an anti-wrinkle cream like POND’S® Rejuveness. This moisturizer is formulated with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and collagen, and helps visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines in 2 weeks.