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How to Get Luminous Skin for Decades


Keep Your Skin Gorgeous At Every Age, With A Routine Made Just For You

There’s no doubt that as you get older, your life and your skin experience some changes. Knowing which skin routine works best during each stage of your life is essential to keeping it healthy and luminous. From your 20s to your 50s, keep your skin looking radiant every step of the way, with these helpful tips.

Cold Cream Cleanser


You’ve left your teenage years behind, and are now ready to take on the world as a strong young woman. Sure, you might have some lingering acne from your teen years, but don’t let that stop you. Creating the right beauty routine will help retain that desirable firm and even skin tone. Caring for your skin with the right cleanser and moisturizer will help put you on the right track. To remove makeup and infuse your skin with vital moisture, start with POND’s® Cold Cream Cleanser every day. Follow up with POND’S® Crema S this moisturizing cream nourishes your skin for up to 24 hours. So just apply and relax knowing that you can go to work all day and party through the night with healthy-looking skin.

Cold Cream Cleanser


You’re moving forward in your career, you are more confident with who you are and what you want. You might have even found and/or married your soul mate! Life can get pretty hectic during this time, and just like you, your skin might show signs of stress and maturity as well. The solution, take some time for yourself to relax and clean your skin with POND’S® Evening Soothe Wet Cleansing Towelettes . It gently cleans away impurities and makeup, while calming your skin with a relaxing scent of chamomile and white tea. Keep the signs of aging at bay by following up with POND’S®Clarant B3 , a moisturizer that visibly diminishes dark spots in 4 weeks.

Cold Cream Cleanser


While you’ve seen a lot at this point in your life, you still haven’t seen it all. Balancing your personal and professional life is so important, although this may mean losing sleep, which can become evident in your skin. Attack the changes in your skin, while cutting down on time, by using effective beauty products like POND'S® Cold Cream Cleanser, which pulls double duty by cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Have some fine lines that snuck up on you? Help reduce their appearance in 2 weeks by using POND’S® Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream, it is made with collagen, which is known to increase skin strength and elasticity.

Cold Cream Cleanser


You did it! You’ve reached a milestone age in your life and boy, you’ve learned a lot. Whether you’re experiencing empty nest syndrome or learning to enjoy the extra time on your hands, you might also be noticing some physical changes. Hormonal changes have been known to cause dry skin and possibly decrease collagen production, which can lead to stubborn wrinkles you may find around your face. Your best defense is to keep it cleansed, protected and moisturized with POND'S® Cold Cream Cleanser, which is 50% moisturizer and infuses your skin with vital moisture while it cleanses; POND’S® Rejuveness to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 2 weeks and increase the skin’s strength and elasticity; and POND’S®Dry Skin Cream, which keeps your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.