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Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Transform Your Look in 5 Easy Steps

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Transform Your Look in 5 Easy Steps

Make a splash at any party with this mermaid Halloween makeup tutorial. Let your imagination swim wild because with POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser you can remove this makeup easily.

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to plan a fun transformation. Here’s a tip: sometimes the key to the perfect costume is rocking great makeup. POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser can easily remove even the most stubborn Halloween makeup at the end of the night, so let your imagination swim wild with this mermaid Halloween makeup tutorial.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: The Base

Start with a clean, even canvas by layering foundation and dotting concealer. With a contour brush (or any large brush), add a flush of purple on cheeks, chin, and forehead and outside of your neck.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 2: A Little Bit Bolder Now

Deepen the purple contour by applying another layer until desired color. Blend and blend some more!

Apply highlight to cheekbones, nose and under eyebrows.

Go Green: With an eyeshadow brush, add green shadow on the crease blending up to the brows and lightly under lower lash lines. Go darker at the outer corners to get that smokey effect. Line eyes with green liquid liner. Finally, apply mascara and/or lashes (for an extra dramatic effect).

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 3: Transformation

Now the fun part! Hold fishnet tights to your face and load a damp makeup sponge or flat top/dense makeup brush with blue shadow. Grab a friend to help or hold one side tight with a bobby pin. Press the shadow over the netting, along your cheekbone and temples. 

With an angled liner brush, fill in brows with matching purple shadow.

Pro Tip: Don’t have fishnets? A netted produce bag from avocados or lemons will do the trick.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 4: Dimension

Blend out scales on the forehead and start to add glitter around the eyes. Create a purple pout with lipstick, and your transformation is almost complete!

Woman with Mermaid Halloween Makeup Look

Step 5: Shimmer and Sparkle

Style hair in a loose side braid. Add pearls and a signature starfish.

To top off the look, apply gold glitter and pearl stickers along your temples and collarbone. Now, go make some waves!

Pro Tip: Check out a local craft store for small shells and sparkling accessories.


Once the party is over, remove your Halloween makeup easily with POND’S® Cold Cream Cleanser. It melts away all traces of even your toughest makeup, while infusing your skin with vital hydration. Get clean, soft, glowing skin – all in just one step!