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Flawless Radiance Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream

Flawless Radiance

Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream

Ideal for the soft and delicate skin under your eyes, the POND’S Light Infusing Under-eye Cream is sure to leave you with luminous and glowing skin.

How it Works

Increase your skin’s radiance in 7 days with a formula that diminishes dark marks and brightens your complexion. Created with GenActiv™ technology, this breakthrough formula works with your genes to accelerate the fading of dark marks and blemishes to unlock radiant, even skin tone from the source.

Special Ingredients:

GenActiv(™) technology adapts to your skin while regulating melanin production.

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  1. Apply twice a day to give the sensitive areas under your eyes the delicate treatment they need. This smart cream gently calms and moisturises while brightening the under eye area.
  2. Apply twice a day to the skin under your eyes.


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