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Beauty tips for busy women


Many women just don’t have the time for a complicated beauty routine. This doesn’t mean that we are okay with neglecting our skin. For those of us who would like to maintain our skin but just don’t have the time for a complicated regiment, fret no more...

Here are some quick tips that will help busy women look like they’ve had all the time in the world to prep their skin:

  1. Multi-purpose products. Find products that do more than one thing in order to cut out extra steps. Products like exfoliating face wash and Toning lotion that will serve multiple purposes are ideal when you want to save time.
  2. Use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.  This is usually effective for busy women who want to skip foundation. Not only will it moisturise your skin but it will also provide medium coverage and offer protection from the sun.
  3. Follow a strict night-time skin routine. It’s important for long-term skin health to maintain your evening skincare regime. Even if it’s just a quick rinse to remove your makeup followed by a smidge of moisturiser, keeping your night time routine is central to healthy skin.
  4. Organize your makeup. Placing all your beauty products neatly and in order saves lots of time. Make sure you throw away empty containers and old, expired products to avoid rummaging around trying to find your favourite make-up brush amongst the confusion.
  5. Give your eyes some attention. We all take convenient shortcuts from time to time and that’s allowed, as long as this does not involve your eyes. As you age, your eyes will begin to need additional care. Spending the extra few minutes on your eyes will make the world of difference to the appearance of your skin.
  6. Scrub once a week. Exfoliating at least once a week will make the skin look radiant because scrubs remove dead cells and leave a lasting glow on your skin. All it takes is 3 minutes and you can do it while you are in the shower or in the bath to save time.

Just because you have limited time doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic. Adapt your skincare routine to focus on what suits you best.