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Breathing techniques for destressing


For many modern women, a busy lifestyle weighted with overworking and under-sleeping can leave us frazzled and frankly quite stressed. A lot of women don’t have 90 minutes or the budget to add a weekly deep tissue massage into our lives. So, what are the alternatives to help us destress?

All you need to establish a healthy destressing routine is a strong pair of lungs and ten minutes of your day. Here are some tips using breathing techniques to help you destress:

Equal breathing. Breathe through your nose or mouth for a count of 4 or 5 while steadily keeping the pace whenever you inhale and the exhale. This technique works well to calm, increase focus and reduce stress. It also works anytime, in any location but it is particularly good to destress before bed.

Abdominal breathing. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly, inhale deeply through your nose ensuring your diaphragm inflates to stretch your lungs. This should be done for 6-10 breaths to lower your heart rate. This technique is also perfect to perform before undertaking a stressful task such as a job interview or an exam.

Progressive relaxation. This is a great head to toe technique. Close your eyes and work your way from your toes up your head, tensing and releasing each part of the body while maintaining deep controlled breaths. This technique is good for a more intense stress and anxiety relief.

Alternate nostril breathing. This technique is used to bring balance when you are feeling out of sorts. When sitting in a comfortable seat, hold your thumb over your one nostril and inhale deeply through your other nostril. At the peak of inhalation, close off your opposite nostril with your ring finger, then exhale through your alternate nostril. Repeat this in a loop. This is great technique whenever you need focus or energy.

Breathing is not only great for relieving stress but regular breathing exercises are great for improved blood pressure, circulation and has been linked to anti-ageing benefits. Breathing can be done almost anywhere so the next time you feel overwhelmed, give these techniques a try. Paying attention to your stress and anxiety will leave you with glowing skin, and have you feeling better especially when you have golden radiance that starts from within.