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How and When to Use Face Moisturisers

Pond's extensive range of moisturisers cares for the particular needs of different skin. Each moisturiser is specially crafted to deliver moisture deep within the epidermis. From combating dry skin, to fading blemishes, to minimize the appearance of fine lines, to restoring a matte yet radiant skin, there’s a Pond’s moisturiser formulated for your skin.

How Do Facial Moisturisers Work Explained

How do moisturisers work?

Applying moisturiser every day to your face, you’re reducing moisture loss from a vulnerable and exposed part of your body. But your moisturiser should do more. Choose a moisturiser that has been formulated to address the particular concerns that you have about your skin.

Including moisturisers into your daily routine is essential for healthy skin and to return a youthful radiance, but moisturising is also an essential part of a skincare routine because it does more than hydrate your skin.

In fact, using face moisturiser on your face helps provide your skin with nutrients it needs to repair itself. The massaging effect when applying Pond's moisturisers also stimulates blood flow and soothes the skin.

All of Pond’s moisturisers are formulated to reward you with soft, supple, radiant skin.

Daily application of Pond’s moisturisers protects your skin from extreme oiliness or dryness. Pond’s facial serums and creams are clinically proven to be effective and contain nourishing vitamins.

Which moisturiser can I use for dry facial skin?

Pond's Perfect Colour Complex is an ideal moisturiser with a variant especially for dry skin. This cream is clinically proven to fade blemishes and even skin tone for healthy looking, glowing skin. When used daily, the result is healthy looking, soft, and supple skin. In fact, Pond’s Perfect Colour Complex is a fan favourite! Pond’s Age Miracle night cream is also recommended for hydration.

What are face moisturisers made of?

So, let’s look a little closer at some of the key ingredients in a face moisturiser for women moisturiser.

  • Antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the outer layer of the skin from humectants and environmental exposure. Constant exposure damages the skin's ability to retain moisture and regenerate. Antioxidants prevent further degradation and roll back the visible signs of ageing.
  • Humectants. Humectants increase the amount of water in the skin's outer layer. Humectants can draw water from the air into the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated despite the continued exposure to the elements.
  • Occlusives. occlusives maintain skin’s moisture content by locking in moisture thereby slowing down evaporation from the surface. Occlusive moisturisers can be greasy and sticky and are best applied as the last step in any skincare regime.
  • Emollients. Emollients keep your skin soft and smooth while giving it a pliable appearance. They ensure that your skin remains soft and smooth.
  • Other ingredients. Improve glow and radiance with a face moisturiser that suits your skin type. Moisturisers often include additional components to increase the potency. Your Pond’s moisturiser contains ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E which slow oxidation by removing free radicals from the skin.

How many times should I use facial moisturisers in a day?

Many people ask this question, so you're not alone if you are wondering when to use facial moisturisers. Ideally, it's best to apply facial moisturisers twice a day – in the morning and evening – after cleansing and toning your face. Moisturising after washing your face locks in moisture and keeps your skin from drying out. Pond's moisturisers are clinically proven to work. Start your journey to radiant, healthy-looking skin with Pond’s.