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How to keep a demanding lifestyle from affecting your health


Loads of us live a fast-paced lifestyle with kids, work and our home life being a delicate balancing act. There is often not enough time to take care of the small things, such as your health. Stress is a huge causal factor in ageing and long-term health problems. Here are a few budget and time friendly solutions that can help prevent you from feeling down or falling ill.

Activity- Staying active is a great way for your body to bring oxygen to the brain. It also releases endorphins which fight anxiety and depression. Exercise comes in many forms, everything from a walk to sprint training will boost your energy levels for glowing skin. The key to this aspect of the work/life balance is taking the time, even if its 20 minutes, to dedicate to yourself.

Breathe- We all know we need to breathe to stay alive but taking the time to hone your breathing technique is a great way to reduce the health implications associated with stress. You can oxygenate your body by using targeted breathing or other breathing techniques. This process also has a calming effect on your body and as we all know, staying calm has a notable positive impact on your health. It has been proven that stress can worsen existing illnesses and leave you more susceptible to poor health so let’s all take a deep breath on 1….2….3!

Sleep- Sleep is important for both our physical and mental health.  During your sleep cycles, your body regenerates and repairs blood vessels and aids in the psychological processing of experiences that you have had throughout your day. Getting an average of 6-8 hours of sleep is extremely important and a lack of sleep can accelerate ageing so tap into your body’s own natural skin care product and get some shut-eye!

Drink water- Drinking water is not only to hydrate yourself, but it also aids in the purification and detoxification of your body’s pollutants. Water has also been known to help with digestion, fatigue, headaches, moods swings and is even linked to protection against certain types of cancer.

Sunlight- Research suggests that spending a minimum of 10 minutes in the sun (including indirect sunlight) a day is a health regime essential. Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D which is vital for calcium absorption and keeping our bones healthy. Getting some sun also encourages our bodies to produce hormones that make us happy and what is more attractive than a sunny smile?

Ultimately, you are your most important asset and taking care of yourself should be a top priority. Keeping your lifestyle balanced coupled with a good skin care regime is a great way to prepare yourself for your busy days.