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Juice detox for your skin


What is a juice cleanse or fast?

A juice cleanse or fast is generally described as a diet limited to fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and water – and generally for a short period of time (anywhere from a day or two, to a week). To cleanse, only freshly made, unpasteurized juice will do. This means bottled orange or apple juice are definite no-no’s.


What can a cleanse do for your skin?

A juice cleanse is a great way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle.  During a juice cleanse the body receives more concentrated healing nutrients which help to renew and restore skin and other cells.


The juicing trend is booming, but if you are going to attempt a juice cleanse to help boost your skin health, there are a few things you should know.


Fact: Your body is able to absorb the nutrients more easily.

Whole fruit and vegetables are harder for your body to break down because of the fibre they contain. When you drink juices, your body has a far easier time digesting and, therefore, absorbing the nutrients it needs.


Fact: Juice detoxes do not necessarily help with weight loss.

It has been proven that juiced fruit and vegetables do not leave you feeling as full as eating solid meals. The tendency is, therefore, to take in larger quantities than what your body actually needs. This leaves you consuming more calories in the form of fruit sugars, more often, to feel satisfied. No help with weight loss. 


Myth: Once you detox, your body “re-toxes” faster.

There is no evidence that suggests that your body responds any differently after a cleanse. Your body will continue to function as normal provided you return to your normal eating habits. Excess toxins such as processed fats, cigarettes and alcohol will, of course cause the body to ‘re-toxify’ over time.


Myth: The lack of fibre allows your digestive system to rest.

Fibre is good in any diet. It slows the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. This keeps glucose levels from spiking.

While a juice cleanse won’t renew perfect colour, along with a good skin care routine and a balanced diet you could achieve a healthier looking, even complexion. There are no quick fixes, just good decisions. So, make sure that you choose POND’S and benefit from their exceptional range of products.