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Tips for a summer skin detox

Tips for a summer skin detox

Your skin is your largest organ and it is central in the elimination of waste and impurities. Your system often becomes overworked which can cause problems for your skin as it tries to compensate for the imbalance.

Detoxing your skin will help to purge waste in order to reset your skin’s function. So, how do you know it’s time to help your skin along with a detox? If your skin is out of balance you will notice that it starts to look dull, uneven, particularly oily or dry and even sensitive.

So, if your skin isn’t looking or feeling as good as you would like, a summer skin detox is a great way to help restore your skin to a more vibrant and healthy state.

Here are some tips to achieve a summer skin detox that will help to improve your skin’s look and feel:

A cup of tea. Herbal teas such as ginger, nettle, echinacea and chamomile have great health benefits and are known to support detoxification and skin health. While you are detoxing turn to these herbal teas rather than your regular warm beverage for a little extra boost.

Bath salts. For the ultimate cleansing bath, add a cup of Epsom salts to your hot water. The salts will help to draw impurities and dirt out of your pores. The longer you soak the better.

Citrus steam. Citrus is notoriously good for purifying the skin and also works well as an anti-inflammatory. Use the rind of citrus fruit in a bowl of boiling water and allow it to cool slightly. Soak a hand towel in the water and drape it over your face, lie down and allow the steam to open your pores and remove the impurities.  

Drink plenty of water. Make a point of boosting your water intake to at least 2 liters a day which will promote the body’s natural detox process. 

Exfoliate. Try to enhance your exfoliation routine to a few more times than usual. While you are on a detox your skin will likely regenerate at a faster rate and this will help your body to keep up without clogging your pores.

Work up a sweat. Sweat is your body’s natural way of expelling unwanted impurities so exercise in itself serves as a way to detox your skin. During your detox try to exercise at least 5 times weekly for the best results. Alternatively, going into a steam room or sauna for a few sessions will provide the same results.

So, restore your skin this summer using these detox tips. Remember to keep your natural skin care regime to restore glowing skin and a healthy, even complexion.