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The best scientific knowledge for the modern day’s skincare problem

The Pond’s Institute was formed to bring together years of skincare science and first-to-market innovative product formulas, through a global network of over 700 scientists.

The Pond’s Institute continues to be a pioneer in skincare by:

  • Analyzing the evolving needs of different skin types around the world
  • Uncovering insights on how these skin factors influence people’s perceptions
  • Designing molecules clinically proven to deliver superior skin results


We make it our business to care about the future of your skin and the added strains of modern day life, so you don’t have to worry. With this deep understanding, we are able to anticipate the future and uncover the solutions for all skin needs. We work every single day to create science and technology breakthroughs that correct the skin problems of tomorrow better than anyone else.   

The Pond’s Institute: Future-Proofing Your Skin


Whether it's a lightening skin cream or a foamy facial scrub, every Pond’s product comes with a fascinating 'skinnovation' story and insights gleaned from years of scientific research. Read on to discover what happens inside The Pond’s Institute and dive into the science behind some of our most cutting-edge skin creams.

Gen White Gene-deep Beauty

Gen White

Gene-deep Beauty

Lighten dark spots? That's a given. POND’S Flawless White with GenWhite™ does that, and way more. Created with GenWhite™ technology, this breakthrough formula reaches deep into your DNA, and regulates the genes responsible for melanin production to minimize the appearance of dark spots on our skin. That's not all – it's also the first ever skin lightening cream that adapts to your genes and works with your skin’s natural processes to deliver radiant, even-toned, spotless complexion.

Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex

Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex

'Intelligent' Aging

Forget botox or laser peels, here comes a 'smarter' way to stay youthful. The revolutionary Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™ in POND’S Age Miracle combines 6 anti-aging actives (12HSA, Advanced CLA4, Retinol boosters, AHA, an exfoliant and Glycerine) to give your skin 3X more renewal power. Now, you can look up to 10 years younger in just one week!

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Our Little Black Secret

A black, sooty mineral like charcoal can give you pure white skin. When heated or activated, this super-mineral becomes eight times more porous, making it ideal for absorbing impurities from within your skin.