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That long, hot shower? It’s aging your skin

That long, hot shower? It’s aging your skin

Can’t bear a cold shower? We hear you. But it maybe time for a change.

Don’t you just love returning home after a long day, stepping into the shower and allowing the warm water to rinse off all the dirt, bacteria and goodness knows what else you’ve picked up along the way?

As enjoyable as that long, hot shower is, it could be doing your skin more damage than good. 

That can’t possibly be true…

Have you ever had to wash out an oily pan after frying rice or an egg? You might’ve noticed that using hot water to do so cleans the pan more quickly than using room temperature tap water. The reason is simple — hot water melts oil, allowing oil to unstick itself from a surface and wash away.

The same thing happens on our skin. Hot water melts the oils, also known as sebum, flushing a lot of it from our skin.

So what — isn’t it moisture that plays a role in skin youth?

Oil contains its own natural moisture and forms a barrier which prevents loss of moisture from skin. Moisture helps skin retain a plump and more youthful appearance. When that oil barrier is missing, the skin loses moisture quickly, resulting in dry and itchy skin in the short-term. And prolonged moisture loss can result in weakened skin with a shriveled appearance, fine lines and even wrinkles.

But I hate cold showers.

Don’t we all. Obviously when the climate is a little cooler, it’s hard to choose cooler water temperatures. That’s when a rich moisturizer comes in handy to ensure skin stays well hydrated despite those steamy showers. But when the climate is a little warmer, your skin will thank you if you can endure a cooler shower every now and then. Start the change by lowering the thermostat to a lukewarm range of 37 to 40 deg Celsius.

Of course, hot showers are only one cause of premature skin aging. Keep at a moisture- and antioxidant-rich skincare routine to maintain a youthful appearance.

For example, Vitamin B3 is a great ingredient to look out for in your skin products. It can help repair weakened skin surfaces, uneven skin tone and dullness to give you a naturally smoother, brighter façade!

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