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When it comes to beauty routines, is there a new order?

When it comes to beauty routines, is there a new order?

There's a reason why experts recommend a specific routine. 

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Yolanda Zhou

Global face care CTI and claims senior manager for The Pond's Institute

Shanghai, China

We checked in with Yolanda Zhou of The Pond’s Institute to discover more about why we shouldn’t skip steps in our routine.

Step 1: Start with makeup remover — if needed, of course

Yolanda Zhou: If someone is wearing makeup, then it’s always better to start with a makeup remover, which is a stronger formulation to dissolve makeup. If you’re not wearing makeup, then starting with a normal cleanser to remove impurities is enough for daily care.

Step 2: Cleanse thoroughly with facial wash

Yolanda: The cleansing step doesn’t need to be too long. The general rule is to squeeze the recommended amount of facial wash onto your hands before gently massaging it in — starting from the T-zone, which is normally oilier, before moving on to the rest of the face. One minute should be enough.

Step 3: Bring on the toner

Yolanda: There are two types of toners. A cleansing toner helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells. A normal toner hydrates and awakens skin for better absorption of the following product.

Step 4: Put on your mask

Yolanda: Masks always go on after the toner. Hydrated skin is healthy and functions at its full capacity, and therefore can better engage with the mask — meaning your skin is ready to receive and absorb the mask’s key ingredients. Choose a mask with active ingredients that’ll improve the effects of a regimen, for example, hydrating ingredients for dry skin or brightening ingredients for dull skin.

Step 5: Slip in a serum

Yolanda: Serum normally has a higher concentration of active ingredients. And many serums are relatively light, fast-absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to creams or lotions, if you are pursuing more intense care. This is an optional, but useful step.

Step 6: Slap on the moisturizer

Yolanda: Moisturizer is both hydrating and protecting. In the morning, you’ll want to use a day cream to nourish and protect skin from UV rays and other environmental aggressors as it forms a barrier on the skin. At the end of the day, a night cream is enriched with a higher concentration of moisturizing ingredients to keep skin nourished all through the night.

Step 7: End off with eye cream

Yolanda: Don’t forget this step. Always use an eye cream at night as the skin is much thinner in the eye area, and therefore needs special care and a lighter touch — by massaging with your ring finger.