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When skin builds up an immunity to… skincare products

When skin builds up an immunity to… skincare products

Are we expected to keep changing our skincare routine?

Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin
Dermatologist and aesthetician

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A certified aesthetician and anti-aging medicine expert, Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin is the medical director of S Medical Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as the founder and president of S Medical Spa. She tells us the truth about whether our skin becomes immune to skincare over time.

We’ve heard that skin becomes resistant to skincare over time. Is this true?

Dr. Pakpilai Thaivisin: There is no research to show or prove the skin can become resistant to skincare when a person uses the same for a while.

Myth busted! How do you think this came about in the first place?

Dr. Pakpilai: It may be because a person didn’t see further improvement after prolonged usage — that is, the results have already been achieved. For example, when a woman with very dry skin starts using a new moisturizer, she would see a good result of more hydrated skin with a smooth texture and less fine lines. But sooner or later the skin will reach its maximum moisture levels, and the visibility of lines would not be further reduced.

So does this mean we can continue using the same skincare products forever?

Dr. Pakpilai: You may use the same skincare all your life without any side effects. But our skin changes due to many things, such as aging, climate, environment and diet, so we may need to change our skincare from time to time. As we age, our skin will have more problems than when we were teenagers. Skin will need more nutrients and ingredients that work for aging skin. The other thing is, there is a lot of research being carried out to find better ingredients, so why use the same one when there are better, clinically-proven ingredients being discovered all the time?

How can we tell that it’s time to change our skincare products?

Dr. Pakpilai: The signs are that you still have the same skin problem(s). Skin complexion, pigments, dryness, lines, contour, etc. have not been improved for a while. Read up more about the latest innovations in skincare to find new products for yourself.

When in doubt, always consult a dermatologist to find out what skincare products you should be trying next.