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Like the no-makeup movement Start with the right cleanser

Like the no-makeup movement? Start with the right cleanser!

Like the no-makeup movement? Start with the right cleanser!

Yes, you can face the world without eyeliner.

Essential Oils


Natural’s back! The no-makeup movement has won a lot of fans. But there’s more to looking natural than just ditching cosmetics. A good beauty routine is essential, and by now you know what that means — that’s right, start with a good cleanser!

It’s important to match the right cleanser ingredients with your unique skin needs. Remember, when it comes to cleansers, one size doesn’t fit all!

For skin tone issues, go for pro-vitamin B3

Pro-vitamin B3 helps get rid of dead skin cells and overly tanned cells, resulting in a much more even tone.

Activated carbon gives pollution the boot

Live in a city? Activated carbon is what your skin needs to fight back — it acts like a vacuum cleaner for dust, grime and other pollution-related nasties.

Keep acne at bay with salicylic acid

This ingredient washes away all sorts of impurities, unclogging your pores and preventing lesions.

Brightening’s easier with 12-HSA

If you want more radiant skin, you need a cleanser that can really mix well with oil and grime — to flush them out of your pores! Fatty acid, 12-HSA (12-Hydroxystearic Acid), does a great job with that.

Get anti-aging aid with AHAs and retinols

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) reduce wrinkles by gently breaking down bonds that cause old skin cells to stick to your skin. Retinols, meanwhile, are great for collagen — they help stop the stuff from breaking down. What’s more, they reduce wrinkles, as well as blotchiness caused by UV-ray damage.