Age Miracle 

POND'S Age Miracle Eye Cream 

Formulated to effectively help fight the signs of ageing in the specific areas surrounding the eye, this dual action face cream assists in evening out the appearance of wrinkles and illuminating the dark circles. Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™ Contains advanced CLA4 and Retinol boosters that help hasten the cell renewal process, stimulating your skin from within. 


  • Pond’s Age Miracle Eye Cream is an anti aging cream that helps to reduce wrinkle appearance, for eyes that look glowing and youthful.
  • Pond's eye cream contains Retinol-C Complex.
  • A face cream that nourishes and hydrates stressed fragile skin around the eyes.
  • A face cream that leaves the skin around the eyes feeling plumper, smoother and glowing.
  • Light-reflecting optics blur imperfections on the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Non-greasy, gentle anti-ageing eye cream for daily skin care.
  1. Gently apply around the delicate eye area ensuring the cream is fully absorbed: Pink cream for the upper eyes enriched with cell boosting collagen, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet for a smooth and lifted look.
  2. Dot small amounts on upper eyelids and gently spread outwards.
  3. White cream for under eyes powered by CLA, helps stimulate skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles to instantly brighten tired looking eyes.
  4. Use the pink cream on the eye lid.
  5. Dot small amounts on upper eyelids and gently spread outwards.
  6. Dot small amounts on under eye area and gently spread outwards.
  7. Apply daily morning and evening with the POND'S Age Miracle™ skin care regime.