Exposure to sun and pollution can damage skin , which causes excess melanin production, creating dullness and dark marks. Pond’s innovative ingredients, like Pro-Vitamin B3, work deep inside* your skin to strengthen its natural melanin balance, reducing dark marks and brightening your skin. *Within epidermis

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  • re-brightening-night-treatment

    This extra nourishing, rejuvenating night cream helps to repair daily skin damage and actively brightens your complexion whilst you sleep. Dark spots and blemishes are diminished, evening out skin tone and reducing discolouration. Wake up to more luminous, flawless looking skin.
  • visible-even-tone-day-cream

    This silky, light day cream, enriched with GenActiv™ formula, works deeply*, evening tone and fading dark marks while providing instant radiance at the same time, *within the epidermal layer.
  • light-infusing-under-eye-cream

    Ideal for the soft and delicate skin under your eyes, the POND’S Light Infusing Under-eye Cream is sure to leave you with luminous and glowing skin.
  • bb-cream

    Ideal for a variety of skin types, Pond’s Flawless Radiance BB cream is a light, non-oily, multi-benefit cream. Experience skin care luxury with instant, natural coverage that is specifically formulated to match your skin tone. Designed for African Skin, Pond’s BB cream contains GenActiv™COVER, a formula that evens skin tone and reduces dark marks from within, resulting in radiant, glowing skin.
  • bright-and-fresh-even-tone-toner

    Refresh yourself and your skin with these gentle soothing toner with GenActice ™ formula. It unclogs and refines pores to wake up dull looking skin, preparing your skin for it’s moisturising treatment.
  • anti-spot-intensive-even-tone-serum

    This potent anti-pigmentation serum prevents discolouration before it begins and gives the skin a new, bright and luminous glow. Not only does the serum reduce the appearance of dark marks, it also results in smoother skin.
  • even-tone-facial-foam

    This facial foam contains POND’S specialty GenActiv™ formula, and is the first step to reveal a brighter skin appearance for a fresh and luminous complexion.
  • visible-even-tone-daily-lotion

    Ideal for normal to dry skin types, this moisturising day cream knows exactly where your complexion needs extra help. Its proven active system works harder on dark marks and blemishes, reducing discolouration and evening out skin tone