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The truth about ageing and sun damage

The Truth About Ageing And Sun Damage

Have you asked yourself, just how much does the sun age one’s skin? The effects of ageing such as dryness, looseness, sagging and discolouration are all worsened by the sun. In fact, it is difficult to believe that something which feels so good to us could be so bad for us. This is why a good skin care regime using the best skin care products combined with sun moderation is so important in sunny South Africa.

Here is some sound advice to help you to regulate your relationship with that ball of fire up high.

Apply sunblock or a skin lotion with a high SPF every day

Even relatively short intervals in the sun can cause skin damage and accelerate the signs of ageing. A great preventative technique is to always wear a protective face cream that contains a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15.

Be conscious of your regular seating

Believe it or not, you can get sunburnt indoors. Reflected sunlight and exposure through glass can be just as damaging as being in direct sun. So, be conscious of your regular seating positions at work and at home, especially in winter when we tend to gravitate towards the comforting warmth and glow of our fiery friend.

Follow these three steps

Although skin damage isn’t entirely reversible, there are three important steps in the treatment of sun damage: frequent exfoliation, a diet chock-full of healthy foods containing antioxidants and last but definitely not least, a good skincare routine.

We all want to avoid sun damage and dark spots from appearing on our faces and other parts of our bodies that are vulnerable to exposure. So, make this the day you decide on an effective skincare regime that will work for you. Also, note down the measures you will take to protect you and your family from sunburn. Remember to include the younger members of the family. Babies and young children need as much, if not more, protection from the harsh realities of sun exposure.