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Make a habit of keeping skin beautiful, with the 3 R's

Make a habit of keeping skin beautiful, with the 3r’s.

We believe the habits you keep, make you the woman you are.

Here are 3 simple steps that make forming a beautiful habit easy.

Remember – Creating a reminder makes it impossible to forget – we don’t mean setting an alarm. A well-placed visual cue will do the trick. For example, do you moisturise every night? If not – keep your night cream next to your bedside light. When you turn off the light before bed, you’ll instantly be reminded that you still have something you have to do.

Routine – That reminder will trigger an action. In this case, dot a few spots of night cream on your face and neck, then gently rub them in using circular movements.

Reward – When you start to see the phenomenal effects your new habit is having on your skin, you’ll be inspired to keep up with it. But, you should reward yourself for keeping it up too! Light a scented candle, treat yourself to a long bubble bath or a hearty meal – because keeping up with your beautiful habits will make you beautiful, every day.

The habits you keep make you the woman you are. Learn how to make your skin and your life more beautiful every day with Beautiful Habits from POND’S.