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A woman moiturising her face

Top Face Moisturisers & How to Use Them

Your facial skin is an area that can be particularly vulnerable to the harsh influence of the elements.
This means that your skin can be damaged by the sun’s intensity, or inclement weather like frigid winds.
And what’s more, it’s the area that everyone looks at first, as you navigate your busy day – taking care of your facial skin isn’t only a reflection of your beauty routine, but it’s vital to maintaining a young, supple and glowing look.

But what is the best face moisturiser to maintain healthy facial skin? The Pond’s range of pioneering products for facial skin, is your ‘skinspiration.’

Top 3 Pond’s Face Moisturisers And How To Use Them

Pond’s has the formulations in skincare to suit your personal requirements, and skin-type. Here are our top 3:

1. Perfect Colour Complex

For normal to dry skin that is prone to dryness and blemished, Perfect Colour Complex is the solution. Carefully developed to leave skin feeling soft, supple and even-toned, this moisturiser works with your skin’s natural strength, to enhance it’s look, for a healthier, glowing appearance. More on Perfect Colour Complex from the Pond’s Institute.

2. Flawless Radiance Derma+ Moisturising Day Cream

As mentioned, the sun can be unkind to facial skin. It’s extremely important, then, to prep your skin for a busy day out-and-about, with a moisturiser that’s infused with a good Sun Protection Factor, or SPF. New Pond’s Flawless Radiance Moisturising Day Cream is specially formulated with an SPF of 30, to protect your facial skin against damaging UV rays, even as it evens-out tone, tightens pores and keeps your skin luminous, all in just 7 days with regular use. Is this the skincare product you need?

3. Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream

For those very oily skin moments, Lasting Oil Control has a dual active system that deploys micro absorbers that reduce excess oil, to give your skin an instant matte look. With regular use, not to mention the presence of a host of control ingredients built-in, and skin caring vitamins to nourish, our Lasting Oil Control cream reduces the build-up of oil on your skin, over time. Is this what you need? Browse our products and find out more on how the Lasting Oil Control Cream.

How To Use Face Moisturisers

The correct and proper way to apply facial moisturiser is an important part to ensuring proper and even coverage, without the build-up of residue, and to make sure you need not reapply too often.
Here’s a very quick how-to, to jog one’s memory:

1. Not Too Much

A little more than a pea-sized amount is more than adequate. Squeeze or scoop that onto your palm.

2. Activation

Giving the product a quick rub between your palms allows for two features. Firstly, it’ll ensure even application to the intended area. Secondly, any active ingredient contained in the formulation will be stimulated to start doing its thing.

3. Application

Then simply apply to your cheeks – typically the driest area of the face – in gentle circular motions, moving up to the forehead last.

4. Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget your neck, chin and the edges of your ears. These are oft neglected areas of the face but need just as much of that moisturising TLC.

For more on the suite of world-class moisturising technologies from the Pond’s Institute, browse our full range of uneven skin tone products.